Cindy Ishoy clinic – March 2008

By hollyoaksdev,

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Did anyone on this board go to the Cindy Ishoy clinic yesterday?? It was great. Cindy Ishoy is a class-act and a wonderful teacher. There were riders of all levels with horses of all shapes and sizes.

Also, the facility was a brand new Dutch Masters engineered creation. There were chandeliers in the foyer and in the washrooms!! A large kitchen and viewing room to the arena. Barn made for horse kings! I loffed it!

I met some people from EMG there – they were all looking for one another. I know this because the person with the handle “lost smile” came to me and asked me if I was “Black Tack”. smile

Maybe next one there will be Saucies at?? big_smile

Edited to add: Oops! Maybe this should have gone in the other thread about clinics??? How does one change it now?

I was at that clinic and really enjoyed it. The place is absolutely beautiful and everyone was warm and friendly. I had been to one of Cindy’s clinics before and always pick up some good pointers.

I have heard though that their trainer is no longer there. Does anyone know who the new trainer is? There were rumours that Ishoys were moving in but that was quashed on EMG. Does anyone have any info on the place? It is called HollyOaks.